Beginning with Music Tree: A Time to Begin

Why I use “The Music Tree.”


Establishes proper rhythm and steady beat.


Students use their hands, wrists, arms, as well as fingers; encouraging a natural interaction with the keyboard.


Sight reading is introduced incrementally – no more memorizing “every good boy does fine” just to find out what a note is… the student reads music like a professional – linearly.


It is the way I was taught how to teach.


Finally (because all good things come in fives), it is flexible. This method allows for the incorporation of outisde material, arrangements, exercises, etc… according to the unique needs of every student.

Shirley Kirsten, from Berkeley CA. shows us a proper performance of the first Music Tree songs.

Tips for parents.

Song: Take Off

Student sits on the high side of the keyboard. Arms extend to the left to play the first group of black key notes(the black keys adjacent to Middle C).

Song: Landing

Student sits on the low side. Arms extend to the right and begin on the two black keys adjacent to Middle C.

Mastery of steady beat should be achieved before attempting to leap up and down the keyboard.

Once student is ready to go up and down the piano – they must stay in one spot, no “scooching” around the bench…


“Right  hand notes point up.”

“Left hand notes point down.”

“Count out loud (count 1 for every quarter note)”

“Which hand starts the group?”

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